Combustion Training

Callidus Technologies has developed an advanced curriculum for burner, flare and incinerator technology. Our schools are designed to meet the changing needs of industry and to train personnel in burner and flare design, operation fundamentals and product selection. Experts in each of the curriculum fields provide invaluable instruction.

Included in this instruction are classroom sessions and actual full-sized equipment demonstrations. Classroom instruction combines lectures with video and slide presentations, computer simulations and displays. Special proprietary computer modeling programs may also be utilized to illustrate various aspects of burner and flare performance.

Burner and flare demonstrations provide the opportunity for data collection that will be analyzed in the classroom sessions. Each student will have the opportunity to play a significant role in the hands-on learning experience.

The audio/visual and hands-on training provides the student with the latest up-to-date burner, flare and incinerator technology.