Low NOx

Low NOx burners incorporate a mechanism for reducing the peak flame temperature relative to premix and conventional burners. This reduction in peak flame temperature results in lower NOx emissions.

Peak flame temperature is most commonly reduced by separating combustion into multiple zones, referred to as "stages."  A gas-firing low NOx burner typically has Primary and Secondary combustion zones. A combination gas/oil firing burner incorporates Primary, Secondary and Tertiary flame zones.

Callidus Low NOx Burners Feature:
• Low NOx emission levels
• Longer flame length than Conventional or Premix burners
• Uniform heat flux transfer to process tubes
• Capability to burn a wide range of fuels
• Multiple firing orientations (vertical up or down, horizontal)

Typical Low NOx Burner Applications:
• Where low NOx emissions are required
• Where uniform heat flux distribution is important
• Heater retrofits for the purpose of NOx reduction

Callidus Low NOx Burner Models:
• CSG (Callidus Staged Gas)
• CSGC (Callidus Staged Gas Combination)
• COB-SA (Callidus Oil Burner - Staged Air)